Meet the team!

The team at Six Foot Staffing is made of staffing industry veterans who are experts in the video game space. When it’s time to build your dream team or to take that next step in your career, we’ll be your eyes and ears in the Wild West that is the game and tech industry.

Al Short

Managing director

A bona-fide veteran in a dual sense, Al Short transitioned from a Military career of 20+ years, to a career in Recruitment of 20+ years (and going strong). His expertise in the field includes experience with full-cycle recruitment and Vendor Management Systems. Of those 20+ years in Recruitment, 17 have been dedicated to the games industry. Al has worked with developers such as NCSoft, Carbine Studios, ArenaNet, Paragon Studios, Konami Gaming, and more – helping studios identify and attract the talent they need to bring their projects to life.

Matt Barney

Regional Manager

Matt Barney is a staffing industry veteran based out of Seattle, Washington. He has nearly a decade of experience in staffing and recruiting, the latter half dedicated to working with companies in the video game and tech space. Matt is Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certified and he has built his career and reputation on a relationship-oriented approach. A true video game enthusiast, he has too many favorites to name them all (Madden, Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Zelda, and CoD are just a few!). Matt also loves sports and is a particular fan of the Seahawks and WSU Football, having been an athlete himself in high school and college.

Karen LeBlanc

Lead Recruiter

A native Houstonian, Karen LeBlanc has been working in recruitment since 2013, transitioning from healthcare to the wide world of Video Games and Six Foot in 2015. Over the last three years, Al and Karen have added over 150 new Six Footers to the family and are now setting their eyes externally. Karen’s own negative experiences with aggressive recruiters inspired her to do things differently. She sees recruitment as a way to build lifelong friendships and make a difference in the turbulent games industry. When not working, you can find Karen tending to her garden, playing with her adorable pups, serving up those heals in Overwatch, or at Minute Maid Park cheering the Houston Astros toward another World Series Championship!

Drew Robertson


Drew Robertson got his start at Microsoft as a Staffing Associate, aiming to break into games and entertainment via the Xbox Games division. Layoffs struck first, but Drew’s career in recruiting opened new opportunities for him at Riot Games, Deluxe Entertainment, and Method Studios. Now he’s embarking on a new adventure at Six Foot Staffing! Drew lives in Los Angeles with his wife and 8 year-old daughter, where he rides his motorcycles around town and indulges his eclectic video game addiction. These range from RTS (StarCraft, Homeworld), to FPS (Halo, Destiny), RPG (Skyrim, Witcher) and Adventure games (Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War). He’s also a huge Star Wars fan – just don’t touch his original Star Wars poster signed by Mark Hamill!

Ike Ntube


Ike began his recruiting career in 2015—working in both staffing and corporate environments across a wide array of roles. He joined Six Foot Staffing due to his passion for recruiting technical and creative roles. Ike would describe his relationship with video games as complicated, finding that it’s best to treat them a lot like bears: admiring and researching them regularly, but only playing with them in controlled settings (cue childhood flashbacks). Ike is a conversationalist and a life long learner. Outside of recruiting, he has interests in podcasting, culture, sports, movies, food, and craft beer.

Kayla King


Though she may be fresh to staffing and recruiting, Kayla King is no “noob” to the games industry. She has many years of customer service experience under her belt, ranging from retail management to customer support on game titles. Whether she’s helping someone choose the perfect outfit or finding them a forever home in their career, it’s always a rewarding feeling! Kayla has been immersed in gaming and nerd culture from a young age. These days she dabbles casually in several genres and titles, but her heart will always lie with World of Warcraft (<3 for the Horde! Hope we can still be friends!). IRL, Kayla enjoys eating and traveling. “There is so much beautiful world to see and delicious food to try and I want to experience as much of it as I can, while I can. ‘Yolo,’ right? Live it up!”

Loic Claveau


A veteran of 20+ years in the Video Games Industry, Loic has focused most of his career on building communities and leading teams of like-minded folks. A gamer at heart and a relentless learner, he discovered a passion for nurturing, growing talents and building strong social bonds with people. And so one day, he decided to try his luck into a field that fascinated him due to its life-changing impact on individuals: Recruitment. That was yesterday… But the mission is still the same: deliver the best experience possible to candidates through care and empathy.

Chiza Alba

Staffing Administrator

Chiza Alba has more than a decade of experience in customer service and office administration, but only recently has she been able to apply her skills to an industry she’s truly passionate about. Chiza joined Six Foot in 2017 as a Customer Support Agent, helping players overcome obstacles in Six Foot’s game titles (and then playing them in her downtime!). She transitioned to the Staffing team in early 2018. Having worked with customers for so long, Chiza finds it refreshing and exciting to be able to work with creators. To her, video games are the ultimate art form – and she’s proud to play a part in helping creators bring their art to life. Away from work, you’ll find Chiza practicing yoga at the gym, cuddling with cats at home, or watching Marvel movies with her son and husband.